Friday, January 27, 2017

No, Jason, You Cannot Just Draw Boobs

My spouse is ever suffering, ever tolerant of my whims, indecision, general scattered-ness, and lack of ability to complete a project. 


There are a few things that drive him nuts, and he is usually really good at gently but firmly talking to me about them and helping me get back on track. 

Example of his tolerance:  There is still a giant pile of mulch in the driveway I promised to move to the backyard.  I have stuck the stakes in the ground for the mulch holder, and that is where that project ended in oh.......November?  I'm GONNA DO IT!!!  I really am!!

Example of his intolerance:  The empty frames in the living room.  I blogged about them in 2013.  YES 2013 SHEESH GET OFF MY BACK!!!

They drive him nuts, but I pretty much don't even see them any more.  I DO (really - I do) constantly look at pictures of frame galleries on pinterest and think about what I may want to do.  But I can't commit.  PART of the reason is that when I do think I may like something, I don't think he will, so I do nothing. 

And then today, we had the following discussion on the FacePage (My Dad never could remember "Facebook".  He called it "FacePage", or "MyFace", or perhaps the most accurate..."FalseFace")


OK OK I'm going to fix this frame situation.  ACTUALLY, I just last week hit the FRAME JACKPOT at American Thrift Store.  I bought like 8 million frames - GOOD, solid wood frames WITH GLASS and mats, for $48.  (Ok well 13 frames, not 8 million.  Same thing.)

Now I just need to take them apart, paint them with the miraculous wonder that is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, put them back together, and figure out how to arrange them on the wall.  THEN I will be ready to put something in them. 

I mean, how long could that take?  Like a day?  I anticipate this whole wall art project will be done by the end of February at the latest. INCLUDING finding or making the art to go IN the frames.  Who wants to take that bet?

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