Tuesday, August 25, 2009

and now for these messages...

I promise I'll finish blogging the vacay, but I'm taking a break to talk about the fun evening I had with Andree and her whiz kids. They came over to my hotel in NOLA, took me out to dinner at Superior Grill, and then we went swimming in the very cool little courtyard pool here.

The kids told me all about school, they started last week. They are both thrilled that they will be getting to do "real" science experiments this year. Zachary said he even may get to dissect a frog (ugh). Lainey has added Chinese to her French classes, and of course all of their regular classes are taught in Spanish. So I guess that will make her quad-lingual? I don't even know the right word for it.

Lucy is taking her first steps, knows what an elephant says (there was a picture of one in the elevator), and can tell you how old she is.

I picked us killer cupcakes from Sucre for desert, and before we went into a sugar coma Andree cut out a pattern to make me a slip so that I don't continue to scandalize the accounting world with my see-through brown skirt.

I'm so lucky to have Andree. There have been various years of me being reclusive and not keeping in touch, but she's always made the effort to be a good friend. Plus, she's brilliant and hilarious. My favorite things ;)

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