Sunday, September 1, 2013

Some Kid's Stuff

I know. I don't have kids.  But I have 4 nieces and a nephew and they may eventually like cool old stuff, and also, so what?  I like cool old stuff too.  At the beginning of the year, I had to work in Huntsville for a couple of weeks.  On the way home, I stopped in Hartselle, AL to run through some antique stores.  I didn't actually buy anything, but I was tempted by this 1955 board game called

""BUZZ  A Honey of a Game"

It was in super good condition. I absolutely love the colors and art work. The board itself, of which I can't find a decent photo online, was SUPER cute as well.  The instructions were quaint and 1955-ish, and the box included a pamphlet with descriptions of some of the company's other games which were pretty funny.  My thought was that I could frame the board for my guest room (AKA K.E.S.'s room), and that would have been great, but since then I have changed my design scheme for that room so I guess it's ok that I didn't get it.  Still, the game itself actually looked fun and involved MATH, so I will keep a lookout on ebay for one in good condition. 

 A few weeks later, I saw this AWESOME set of 1950's Libby carousel glasses and I WANTED WANTED WANTED them!!! HOWEVER.  I don't need any more glasses to have to STORE, AND, they were ex-pen-sive (over $100?  I don't remember exactly, and I don't remember where I saw them). 

A search on e-bay today reveals sets ranging from $40 for 8 to $250 for 8. I still love them. I still don't need them.

Blogging about all this junk I didn't buy is a surprisingly good substitute for actually buying them.  My checkbook thanks you, and my husband is thrilled I am not bringing more stuff home.   

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