Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dog park trip Jan 9 2009.

It was so pretty outside today, so we loaded up a blanket and the dogs and headed to the park. Santa must have been BUSY this Christmas because no kidding there were like 10 puppies today. And they all just needed to play on our blanket even though there are like 10 other acres of park in which to run.

Didn't get the names of these puppies.

Molly tries to get away from Bella who was a little energetic.

Jason made a new friend.
My girlie's gray beard.
This mini schnauzer was amazed by Greta.
Greta got slobbed on by a lab puppy and was not all that enthused about it.
For some reason every time we go to the park Schaffer ends up with a stalker. He could care less about the other dogs - he just wants to patrol the perimeter. This Great Dane just walked around behind him forever, and finally Schaffer turned around and was like "WHATEVER".
We went @ 2:30 thinking it would be pretty empty, but it was packed as usual.

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