Friday, January 9, 2009

Jewelry Party

Tonight I attended a Premier Jewelry party with my friend and co-worker, Lori (mother of the prettiest dog in the world (Lucy)).

It was fun! The other ladies giving/ attending the party were all part of Lori's Mardi Gras Krewe. They are a ton of fun.

Yeah and so the Premier Jewelry lady and I had a mishandled mirror exchange and I let it drop on the floor and it broke into a million pieces, so that's either going to give me 7 years bad luck or maybe it will break the curse of the LAST mirror I broke. That's what I'm going with :)

I bought a necklace, bracelet, and earring set that I LOVE. You can wear it like 20 different ways. It looks very "Chico's" to me, and if you know me you know I'd just as soon live in anything Chico's.

Oh!! And there was a life-changing revelation! I was complaining about how I can't wear hoop earrings because they stick straight out from my head instead of hanging down right, and Lori was saying "well let's find some that fit your deformed ears", and the Premier Jewelry lady told me that it's because THEY PIERCED MY EARS @ THE WRONG ANGLE!!!

Who knew that was even possible?!?! So now I'm PISSED that I'll never be able to properly wear hoop earrings and if I could remember where I got them pierced 27 years ago I would definitely write a complaint letter, but HAPPY that I don't actually have deformed ears and I can stop worrying that my ears look weird and gross from the side but I couldn't tell because I can't see my head from that direction.

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