Friday, January 9, 2009

I smell better!

As I've written before, I have a really hard time making decisions about purchases. I want to know/ inspect ALL my choices before deciding. I've needed perfume for about 5 years (no kidding) but I couldn't make the commitment. So over the Christmas break it occurred to me that E-bay may have the solution to this problem and YEP! they did.

I ordered myself a batch of FIFTY perfume samples. That's right folks, FIFTY. I've only tried 2 so far and I LOVE them both. One is Escada 'Escada' and the other is Bulgari 'Blue'. The 'Blue' is really cool actually. When you first put it on it smells very much like ginger. Yeah I know, sounds weird. Well the ginger doesn't last long and then it just smells good. The official description says:

Fire and ice. Passion and poise. A study in contradiction-like a woman without regret. Bvlgari's BLV opens with a refreshing burst of ginger and finishes with the full, sensual scents of vanilla, wisteria, and sandalwood. Like the woman who wears it, BLV is a force, a spirit, an unforgettable experience.

Well now I don't know about all THAT, but I do like it.

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