Saturday, January 3, 2009

Infinte Jest - Part 2

Pages 200-550 or so, and footnotes though about 240. There is a group of internationally known assassins (The wheelchair assassins) that are perhaps stalking a professional football player (Orin) who is the brother of the kid @ the tennis academy who smokes a lot of pot. The secretary @ the tennis academy is called by the kids "Lateral Alice" because due to a head injury she got falling out of a traffic helicopter she can only move sideways. They have walled off most of the northeastern United States (Maine, New Jersey, Etc) and turned it into a giant toxic waste dump. With a giant wall of glass and fans that keep all of the fumes in. And there are rumors of giant mutant animals and babies roaming around inside "the great concavity". And there is a woman who is a member of a group called the "Union of the Hideously and Improbably Deformed" who wears a veil all the time and is apparently in a movie that kills people the second they watch it. Which is apparently being distributed by The Wheelchair Assassins, who are Canadian, to kill Americans.

Weird? Yes. Awesome? YES!

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