Sunday, January 4, 2009

House project done and in process

Jason and I have finally gotten around to getting some things done around the house. This house was built in 1920 and is actually amazingly well-crafted. The carpenter who took out the floor furnace last week discovered that the floors are actually 2 layers - not just one like in most houses. That's 1 layer of tongue-and-groove heart pine as a subfloor, and then 2.5 inch tongue and groove oak on top. He commented on how costly that would have been in 1920.

So Jason fixed all of the gates (woohoo!). This was a biggie and is probably the best present we could have given the post lady. The front gate she has to come through has been malfunctional for awhile due to the roots of a tree pushing up the sidewalk under the gate combined with the loosening of the post thanks to a certain giant schnauzer who-shall-remain-nameless.

The carpenters cut down the tall arches over each gate which really opened up the front of the house more than I anticipated. It looks way better. The carpenters also fixed the trim on the front of the house where the old metal awnings were. I'll have to paint the trim - but it's not much so won't be too bad.

We had the bathroom floor tile pulled up and new tile put on the floor and in the shower. BOY did we need this. When I bought the house the bathroom floor had carpet (YUCK). When I pulled that up, the floor was still sticky and gross from the glue or old linoleum or something. So I put down those self-stick tiles. Blue ones. Which was fun for awhile. Once Jason moved in we knew we wanted tile in there, but I cheaped out and hired a fly-by-night tiler and didn't do a subfloor. Of course it cracked and looked crappy in about a week. Then we put up really cheap shower board stuff around the shower because we didn't want to spend the $ for tile at the time, and well nobody told us not to put it up with liquid nails and after a short while the liquid nails had sort of eaten through the board and made the white part fall off. Boy it was pretty.

So anyway the bathroom looks SO much better.

And the carpenter also finished out the wall behind the tub in the laundry room that Jason and I had pulled out for reasons I can't even remember now. I do, however, remember finding wasps or something had built a nest in that wall. Oh and the carpenter also fixed the floor underneath the back door so that it's not wobbly, took out the old floor furnace, and patched the floor there. And they took out the old space heater in the bathroom.

So now we are waiting for the carpenters to fix 3 window sills that were damaged by old window AC's. And I think we are going to have them build new stairs out the back door to the deck, and we should be done for awhile! woohoo!

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