Thursday, July 31, 2008

Neighborman comes home from the office

So my neighbor had his Mom bring him over today when he got home "from the office" because he thought I'd like to see the ensemble that he put together for today's crime-fighting ("My teachers let me fighted the bad robots.") My camera's battery is dead, so I took the picture on my phone which sort of sucks. Let me give you the details:

  • Camo shirt, Camo Shorts
  • Speed racer Helmet
  • Hot Wheels sunglasses
  • Bike flasher
  • Sheriff's Badge
  • Rainbow suspenders to hold up the tool belt which holds:
  • a clamp, a hammer, a little screwdriver, a screw, and a small jet plane.
  • Galoshes

The other day he was on his way to the park with his Dad. I asked him what he was going to do there? Swing? Slide? No, he says. "Play hanging games like they have at my office."

I'm hoping he's talking about some kind of jungle gym...but since the "office" seems so full of bad guys and evil robots, I can't be sure.

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