Tuesday, March 26, 2013

St. Louis City Garden

Back in July last year, I went to a class in St. Louis.  We were lucky to stay in a hotel right downtown near the arch.  My friend Debbie was also in the class, and she is always great at getting me motivated to walk in the mornings.  The fact that there was a VERY cool garden right outside the front door was also incentive! 

This garden is AWESOME.  It runs the length of several city blocks, right through downtown.  It has fountains, paths, sculpture, TONS of cool plants, even real live bunnies! 

The garden leads right down to the arch, so we walked around there a good bit too.  It was pretty gorgeous early in the morning, and it wasn't too hot.  WHY can't I get myself motivated to walk every day again?! I love it SO MUCH when I do, and I feel SO much better :(

Here's some of the pics.  I only had my iphone, so they aren't the greatest. 

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