Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Insomniac edition of "Shit I Didn't Buy"

Yeah...probably shouldn't have had that LARGE latte on my way home.  UGH.  Not being on sleeping pills just SUCKS.  But I get lots of internet shopping done.  Well internet browsing anyway.  I have to put a new roof on my house, so I'm on a budget.  Fun times!

So...One King's Lane.  You know - the "exclusive" on-line shopping experience with the specially curated sales.  No doubt there are deals to be had here, but I have never seen one.  My sister-in-law and her Mom find treasures here ALL the time.  So much so, that yesterday her Mom convinced me that I should give it another shot.  I cancelled my original "membership" months ago. 

So here I am, surfing around for bargains on One Kings Lane, and I am stuck. Stuck and stymied by things like this "SEASHELL COVERED EGG ON STAND" for $169. Uh - what?


And this black mardi-gras bead necklace for $485.  Right, there no decimal between the 4 and the 8 here.  That's four HUNDRED and 85 dollars. 

Here you can spend yet another amount slightly less than $500, this time for a slightly chipped cow horn stuck in a wooden base.  Lucky YOU to have this sort of opportunity.  Please note what a total bargain this is - originally only $5 shy of $1,000. 

But alas, this one my just turn me off One King's Lane again completely.  $389 for a lamp with some wood stuck on it.  Oh but it's "VINTAGE" wood.  I have some wood just like this in my front yard.  I actually picked it up on the beach. And I have several squares of wood in the shed and I think I have a stick lamp I got at the Salvation Army for about $2.50.  I will be HAPPY to save you some money here and create a lamp JUST LIKE this and I will only charge you say, ummm........$360!  Now THAT is a bargain.  Inbox me and I'll give you my info so you can deposit that $ in my bank account and I'll get to work. 

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