Thursday, May 30, 2013

One Perfume At A Time, Please, Slumberhouse EKI

So one evening during the height of my initial perfume obsession, sometime around December of last year, I stopped by ULTA on my way home from work to smell some stuff.

It was my first time to look at perfume there, and I was SHOCKED that they had so many, including Chanel! 

I sprayed one on my left wrist. Chanel #5.  Oooh!  There's Coco Chane!.  Well I couldn't pass that up, so I sprayed that on my right wrist. 

Then Coco Noir on the top of my left hand, Lolita Lampika on the top of my right.  A little Bvglari Omnia on my left forearm.  Estee Lauder Nude on my right. 

Never one for moderation in anything, I tried Marc Jacobs Dot on the inside of my left elbow, and just to even everything out, Ralph Lauren something on the inside of my right elbow. 

And then since I had run out of skin, I picked up approximately 231 paper samples. 

When I got home, a plopped on the sofa next to Jason to watch the tube and read about perfume on the interwebs. 

Jason is not used to me wearing perfume much, and has been pretty tolerant of me trying out my samples.  This evening, though, must have just been too much. 

He sat there for awhile, occasionally looking over at me.  Finally, he looked at me and said.....

"Uh....Did you go to work like that today?"
No Baby, I saved this 8-perfume bombasity all for you. 
On a somewhat related note, Slumberhause Eki.  A sample I got from Jan, my perfume fairy.  I can find very few descriptions or reviews for it online.  It is IFFY.  Supposedly it's saccharin sweet white flowers and other junk.  On first spray I get.....Capers?  (I found one review that mentioned something balsamic.) I get something herby, which I couldn't identify until I read a review that mentioned minty gum.  Yes.  I get that.  I do smell lots of flowers, but unfortunately they are the ones that smell just a tad bit like sickly sweet vomit.  I'm sure I'll revisit this one another time, but for now, it's a no. It evokes no memories or emotions for me.  Sorry :(


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