Saturday, October 18, 2008

Native American Exploitation Day 2008

So as I was saying, my Aunt and Uncle have a really great condo in Destin Florida which they weren't using in October, so they offered for us to go down and spend a long weekend. Since I had Monday off for Native American Exploitation Day, I took Friday and Tuesday off too and Mom, Dad, and I headed to Destin.

On Saturday we decided to go down to the beach and stick our feet in the water. It was sunset and just perfect, and I was taking some pictures. Got some great ones of Mom and Dad,

And then asked Mom to take one of Dad and me. Well, you know how sometimes in Destin when the tide goes out it leaves that little step-down? We were right in front of that. And you know (for those of you that know) how Mom always has this certain "picture pose" that she does to TAKE a picture? Well, she tried to do that but when she stepped back she hit that little sand ledge and fell funny, tried to brace herself with her left arm, and yep. It broke in two places.

I felt SO terrible. My mother has never had to go to the emergency room for anything in my lifetime, and I think she's only had to go once in her own lifetime when she cut her knee after breaking the porcelain tap in the clawfoot tub when she was sliding down the back of it when she was a very little girl (like she was NOT supposed to be doing, but we all did it in that tub - it was too fun).

Oh! I almost forgot the best part. My mother DOES NOT go out in public without fixing up. You know - shower, hair fixed, etc. etc. Well, for the first time in my life Dad and I peer-pressured her into getting in the van with us. We assured her we were just going to ride up the beach to look @ the water and get something to-go for dinner and she wouldn't even have to get out of the van. Then Dad decided he wanted to eat @ The Stinky Fish, and Mom was a good sport and agreed. Then we decided we wanted to stick our feet in the water, and again Mom was a good sport and came to the beach.

So, there we were driving up to the emergency room and Mom (although her hair always looks beautiful, blond, shiny, and perfectly in place even though she is paranoid about it) was thinking she has on no makeup and hasn't washed her hair. When I went to help her get out of the van, she said "WAIT! Get my brush!", and made me brush her hair. I'm surprised she didn't make me put some lipstick on her, but she was satisfied with her hair brushed.

Then in the ER waiting room she made the little desk man turn the TV to the LSU game.

I was embarrassed even thinking about the drama I would be exhibiting if my arm was broken in two places. Mom never even cried, never whimpered. She just sat in the waiting room holding her wrist which was shaped in ways that wrists shouldn't be shaped worrying about the sand on her shoes.

So anyway, to make a long story longer, they got it fixed (temporarily - she has to have surgery on it next Tuesday) and we got back to the condo where she immediately wanted to take a shower.

I still think she looked cute and her hair was as pretty as always :)

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