Sunday, October 19, 2008

On obsession

Collections are dangerous for me.

Over the years, there have been dolls from different countries, unicorns, strawberry patch paraphernalia (all in my childhood), and as I got older there were fiesta dishes, vintage elephant planters, and "made in occupied Japan" demitasse cups.

I admit I get obsessed over making sure I have a complete collection. Finding another piece only brings me temporary joy, because the collection is not complete. So I just don't collect things that have specific "sets" anymore.

And then my old friend from high school, Pam, sent me a damn hatchling egg on the facebook. You have to look on people's profile pages and on different facebook pages to find them, like a scavenger hunt sort of. And in the last 4 days I've found 140 eggs, including some BUT NOT ALL of the limited edition ones. They are CUTE!!! and they are FUN!!!! And I need one of EACH, which of course means that not only have I been looking for eggs, but I've also been looking @ other people's eggs in order to make a comprehensive list which I can highlight as I find the eggs for myself...

DAMN DAMN DAMN. I'm going to need therapy on this one.

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